To Racists

I curse!

I curse all of them
who soil our glorious land
with unworthy actions

I curse all of them
who borrow sacred symbols
Gungnir, Mjolnir and Sacred Staffs –
Odins spear, Thors hammer
and runes, given by Odins hand
and soil them
with unholy deeds.

I curse all of them
who in ugly costumes
and shaven heads
as well as suits
and ties
abuse the wisdom of our ancestors
our ancient ways
and our present faith.

I curse all of them
who want to silenence
the mouths of others
for themselves to be heard
with their stupid bellowing

I curse all of them
who puts themselves above others
because of their paleness
who trample on others
because of the colour of their skin
foreign language
or a different faith

Upon the heads of these miscreants
I call all powers!

I call upon the gnomes, and the little people
to scratch their bodies
and disturb their sleep.

I call upon the elf-smiths
to lay an iron ring
around their chests
giving little room for their spirit
little room for breath
to speak of evil

I call upon the “rimthurses” (frostgiants)
from the depth of Nifelhel
That they may freeze to their death
before they get a chance
to freeze others out

I call Surt and his “fire-thurses”
That they may burn to their death
before others may burn
by their hands

I call upon Loki
That he may twist their vision
so that they strike each other down
before they strike anyone else down

I call upon Freya
So that these young men
never may share a woman’s bed
and never have sons
or daughters of their own
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that

And I call upon Frey
That these young men
have their manhood gelded,
never being able to create anything good
for themselves
never getting peace
or harvest
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that

I call upon Thor
that he may protect us
from demonic evil
and I call upon his wrath
against the miscreants
who wants to cause pain to others

I call upon Odin
He who gave spirit
to man and woman
He who together with his brothers
Honer and Lodur
Gave life to man
Body and Soul
Ask and Embla
Man and Woman

I call upon Odin
and the “Norns”
Goddesses of destiny
Urd, Verdandi and Skuld
who altogether judges
everyone after death
that they may judge
these miscreants hard
and that they
not even after their death
may escape their deeds of evil
against other sons and daughters
of Ask and Embla

I set this “nid”
until these drooling servants
of evil and ignorance
do penance
and let each and one
stay by their land, their people
and their faith
wherever in our world
they may choose to live

Grimner 1998-02-04
(translated into English 1998-03-08)

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