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Effective Web Site Development for Pagan Organizations

Scott Mohnkern will be offering a collegiate level course “Effective Web Site Development for Pagan Organizations” at Cherry Hill Seminary starting September 9th, 2009. This class is for those people that are in leadership positions within pagan organizations and are … Continue reading

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Balancing Meditation

Diana Paxson, in her book, Trance-portation offered a “meditation” that was designed to provide balance:   Before me, Beside me, Behind me, Beside me, Over me, Below me, Within me, Around me…   I thought this was a very interesting … Continue reading

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Deity possession in the northern traditions

Recently, while at a gathering of a coven that I’d been invited to I was approached by several people with many questions about Asatru and heathenry in general.  This isn’t uncommon, as there are few that are engaged in the … Continue reading

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