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The Havamal

HOVAMOL The Ballad of the High One Within the gates | ere a man shall go, (Full warily let him watch,) Full long let him look about him; For little he knows | where a foe may lurk, And sit … Continue reading

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On the nature of divination

Recently at a Pagan festival someone approached me with a very unusual reading request.  They wanted a “blind” rune reading.  They were unwilling to tell me what the question was (this is typical), but also didn’t want me to ask any questions regarding the runes that were drawn and events in their lives.  They wanted a “raw interpretation” of what the divine (or Deity) was saying.

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A Year of Viking Ritual 2010

With the first edition of “A Year of Viking Ritual” being published Modern Heathen is moving onto the next project, which is “A year of Viking Rituals, 2010.”

As I reflected upon the original book, which I was quite satisfied with, I also realized that there was a lot I hadn’t covered.  In addition, I’d only had the opportunity to offer toasts to 12 in the pantheon, and there certainly needed to be more.  Also, as I talked with fellow heathens there was some question about why I hadn’t covered alternative approaches to ritual.   The simple fact of the matter was that I intended to cover the basics and nothing more. As with every religion, variation exists widely and I couldn’t cover it all.

So now I’ve started work on “A year of Viking Ritual 2010”  (I’m hoping that this will actually become an annual publication, similar to the Lewellyn Almanac.)  While I could certainly write it on my own, I also realize that there are many in the heathen community that have small pieces about ritual that they would like to contribute.

I’m interested in hearing from those who have something they’d like to write.  Whether it be a few paragraphs, or several dozen pages, I’m interested in hearing from you.  I can’t promise that I’ll include what you want to write, but I’ll certainly include it.


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