On the nature of divination


We discussed this issue at some length, with another person who does divination using a different system.   We both came to the same conclusion which was to deny the request.

However, it did raise an interesting discussion regarding the nature of divination.   He thought about his style, and while we agree that both of us tend to use the tool of choice for purposes of counseling someone, he works mostly on the horizontal.  He doesn’t feel (and I’m not sure whether this is actually the case) that  his readings are terribly closely tied to the divine.  Rather he uses his skill and training as a counselor to assist him in the reading.  He compared that with my style, which even I am willing to admit has a very strong divine component to it.   It takes an unusual form, which I’ve concluded is largely almost a “drawing down” of Odin.  My questioning changes to a very “con man” esque level of discussion, with a certain level of humor/probing about it.

Which raises the question, why turn down this request?

For my friend, it was obvious.  She was looking for “information from the divine” and he “doesn’t act in that fashion.”  He could tell them what is in the tool, but for him, that’s pretty meaningless.

For me, it took on a different color.  For me the tools are a start to a discussion, they aren’t the end.  I could throw the runes, and give dictionary definitions of what are there.  However, Runes in particular are non-specific for the most part, and for me to discuss everything that I know about any one rune (let alone 3 or 4) would take dozens of pages across a variety of topics.   In addition, for me, the runes are all interrelated.  Typically in a reading I don’t know what the first one means until we discuss the third one.

Also, the divine for me doesn’t work without context. What was being asked for here was a non-contextual reading.  I’ve concluded that’s not what I do.

In addition it’s interesting that this discussion and request occurred in the same general time frame where I discussed the matrix of energy relationships that exist within a reading.  For me, all of them have to be there for there to be any meaning at all.  In this case we were eliminating 1/2 of the relationships.

Some would argue this question and answer process is part of a “con game.”   I can certainly see that perspective, and there are those people who participate in this.  I do not.  The point of the question and answer is to attempt to take some very broad thematical concepts (as one sees with the runes) and place them in context.  Without the context, its virtually impossible to relate the runes to each other.

Part of what I do in terms of reading relates to the concept of trust.  If you don’t trust me, I shouldn’t be doing a reading for you.  How that trust develops in any one person I’m doing a reading for is different.  Some are people that I know well.  Sometimes its people who come to me repeatedly for readings.  Others come to me because of my reputation.  For each person its different.

Which ultimately leads me to an interesting conclusion regarding divinatory readings.  If you don’t have trust in the person you’re getting a reading from, then don’t expect anything as a result.  Without at least a core level of trust, establishing a relationship between the divine and the person being read for is all but impossible.



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