Balancing Meditation

Diana Paxson, in her book, Trance-portation offered a “meditation” that was designed to provide balance:


Before me,

Beside me,

Behind me,

Beside me,

Over me,

Below me,

Within me,

Around me…


I thought this was a very interesting idea, and while a bit “wiccan” in its feel it does seem to have a purpose, even within the heathen traditions.   However I wanted to give it a more heathen flavor to it:


Before me I see my path and the web of the wyrd,

To my right are choices I may make,

Behind me is my past, and that which brought me here,

To my left are choices I may make,

Above me is the sun that warms me,

Below me is the ground that steadies my feet,

Within me I experience the moment,

Around me is that which is coming into being.



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