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Eir is, a goddess of the Æsir who is called ‘best of physicians’ in the Edda. Eir is also counted among the Valkyries, connecting her to the ability to ‘choose the slain’ and awaken the dead. She is skilled at all kinds of healing, particularly herbcraft, and was even capable of resurrection.

She is one of the goddesses on the mountain Lyfia (“to heal through magic”). She was also good friends with Frigg and is listed as one of her twelve handmaidens. Eir is also the name of one of the nine maidens who serve the giantess Menglöd in the poem Svipdagsmál.

As the god Heimdall guards Bifrost bridge, may this place be warded against all forces unharmonious to our purpose here this day

Invocation to Eir

Hail, healer of Asgard!

Physician who ministers to many wounds,

You teach us that there is never enough healing,

Never enough time, never enough resources,

Never enough hope that anything will survive,

And yet even in face of this helplessness

You teach us that we must go on,

And never give up until the end.

And this is the wound of Creation,

That can never be healed

And yet we must keep trying.

For Perseverance is more than merely stubbornness,

It is the living embodiment of Hope.

We invite you to join us here today, in your honor.


Eir’s Song of Healing

The soft-weeping moon clings to her indifference,

As my soul caresses your fevered brow.

Moan not in unison with the gust-driven tempests,

But trust in my comforting touch.

The stars, their pinions of made of twilight,

Fly to the moon and beg healing for you.

The moon remains unmoved- ah, pitilous orb-

But I have come to your side.

Now surrender to the mild chant of a lullaby

As soft as the sighs of the gods.

I shall heal your mortal bonds made of flesh,

And I shall free you from torment’s grip.

The provoking pangs of anguish,

Caused by pain’s own merciless soul,

Shall flee in shades of bewildered confusion,

As I stand by your trembling side.

I shall console your soul as you sleep,

And flesh shall mend, bones shall heal,

And though the moon hides her mercy

From the gold-swept stars and their pleadings,

All good peace shall be restored to you.

Round of Toasts

Instead of the normal Toast, please feel free to take this time to ask for Eir to take an active hand in either someone’s wellness, or in their training in becoming a physician.

Eir, whose loving hands and sweet breath brings healing and health. We thank you for your gentle caress, your soft ministrations and your care. When stress, strains, aches and pains plague is, you come with your lithe figure and flowing hair to ease our distress. Thank you for assisting us here in Midgard, both tonite and the rest of the year. Eir, goddess holy and wise, we honor you. HAIL EIR!!


til árs ok friðar, “for a good year and frith”.


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