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Here is the section where we discuss Rituals, ritual structures, etc.

Classes and rituals I am currently available to teach

Running a pagan festival, or a pagan pride day? Looking for someone to run rituals or offer workshops. The following is a list of rituals and classes that I am available to teach. I can be reached through Scott Mohnkern on Facebook. Continue reading

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Acts of Devotion and thanks

I’ve been having some recent discussions with a friend regarding relationships with the Norse Deities. One of the questions that has come up is asking for blessings, and giving thanks during rituals. Continue reading

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Heathen Teacher’s Prayer

I saw a prayer for teacher’s in a class I was taking, and thought I’d give it a heathen bent: Odin, give me the wisdom to help shape the mind; Bragi, give me the tongue to explain my thoughts; Norns, … Continue reading

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