Coming out of Covid isolation – or something

So needless to say, the Covid Pandemic has put a complete halt to a lot of Heathen related activities this summer, or at least moved them online. I’ve attended a few public online events, but generally my practice has transitioned to friends and family.

However, that’s about to change. There are a number of things coming up where I’ll be doing online public presentations!

Frederick Cuups has just engaged me to conduct a seminar on developing relationships with Northern European gods at 7pm on August 26th via Zoom.

Hallowed Homecoming, where I was to be the featured speaker for 2020, has decided to move 2020 online. They’ll be doing lots of stuff the month of September. I’m waiting to hear back on dates and subjects. details are on their Facebook page.

Free Spirit Gathering announced their intentions to provide online programming as an alternative to their June event, however I’ve not received details at this point, I may or may not be presenting there.

Potomac Seidr Guild Ondvegisulur ran rituals earlier this summer, and is currently on Hiatus for public events for awhile, but will likely come back in the fall.

If you are a group running online events, please feel free to contact me on Facebook and we’ll try to work stuff out.

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