Course Submissions for Free Spirit Gathering Submitted

I’ve submitted my courses and rituals for Free Spirit Gathering 2015.   No guarantees what (if any) will get accepted, but I thought I’d put out the list.  If you want to see a specific class or ritual, ping the staff 🙂


  • Morning Blots
  • Sumbel(s)


  • Intro to Heathenism
  • Rune Reading 101
  • Introduction to Bind Runes
  • Heathen Virtues
  • Advanced Divination Techniques
  • RuneValdr: Healing with the Runes
  • Communing with the divine using handicrafts
  • Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, approaches to religion

IS there a norse topic you’d like to see discussed at Free Spirit that you haven’t seen before?   Post a comment here.





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