Going pro

So some interesting things have happened to me as of late.   First, as a result of my presence on the book of Face, I’ve been doing online readings.   I’ve honestly not been big on this from a conceptual standpoint, due to the lack of face to face interaction, and a lack of being able to read energy.  (If you take my class on advanced divination techniques, I explain this matrix:



I’m not quite sure how this matrix plays out in an Online environment.   It’s a very different experience.   But its definitely something I’m willing to experiment with.

The other thing which has changed is I have classically told people to “pay it forward” in some fashion.   I’ve rarely put specific requirements on that (though I have once or twice), and I’ve not held anyone to it.’

For one person who I did an online reading for, they offered payment, and I said “well, if you feel like it, here’s my paypal address.  and after providing them my reading document, which I’ll publish in a future article, they sent me some money.   I was kinda of flabbergasted.  It wasn’t a ton, but it was a very nice thank you.


Guess that means I’m a pro now, for whatever that’s worth 🙂


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  1. Hello my Name is Rennon I’m in a new relationship with a girl who got me back into rune reading and really getting back to my roots I been sleeping better enjoying life especially after mt divorce but I did a rune pull on Friday night and pulled Thurisaz so I sat meditated thought what I needed to make my relationship stronger cause that was what was on my mind at the time Sunday rolls around and I do another pull this time some how I got two not just one I got Dagaz and Laguz but laguz was upside-down and it has me complex thank you for your time

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