The rune of Schroedinger’s cat

Over the year’s I’ve done 100’s of Rune readings, and one of the things I consistently tell the people I’m reading for is that I’m showing them the path they are on, but  it is a path that they can change.  Because of this, when I’m doing a reading, if an individual is thinking about changing their path, I’ll have them draw one more rune, completely outside of the layout.   I’ve come to call this the Schroedinger’s cat rune.

This thought experiment is a weird one, it says that you have a box, and inside it there’s a cat with a vial of poison, and the box is closed.   Until you open up the box the cat is both alive and dead (or neither, depending upon how you look at it), and it isn’t until you open the box that the state of the cat changes to either alive or dead.    It’s a little hard to wrap your head around and deals with the relationship between how events change effect reality, and the very act of perceiving a given reality can change its state.

Which brings us to the rune.   In this case the box is the universe, and the cat is replaced with the person’s path.   As long as they aren’t paying attention to the path, they are both on the path and not on the path. When they open the box (get a reading and think about their path) they’ve now changed the state of the path so that now they are either going to stay on the path or move off it.

It’s turned out to be a pretty useful tool.





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