Interfaith Guidelines – a Heathen perspective

The question of interfaith activities and religious tolerance has been a topic that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.   While I’ve read several interesting guidelines, none of them seemed to include the heathen perspective on what tolerance is.   So I thought I’d propose my own:


This document is based upon the Interfaith Conference of South Carolina’s statement regarding Religious and Cultural Sensitivity.

Religious and Cultural Sensitivity

  • Take time to learn about the religion and culture of others. They will appreciate your effort.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask about another person’s faith. If someone asks, take the time to answer their questions.

  • Don’t initially assume that you understand ways that you do not share.

  • Be aware that what may appear to be mundane activity by an individual could have significant religious implications for the person performing the action, and if unsure, the activity should be treated with the respect given any religious activity.

  • Allow others to express their beliefs and practices in the terms that they choose without creating an environment of judgment on those beliefs.

  • Interfaith occasions are never the place to proselytize for one’s own religion. It’s perfectly appropriate to invite others to visit your services and events, but advancing your religion as a preferred alternative is highly disrespectful.

  • Accept that at times people disagree. But accept that others have the right to disagree with you.

  • When we hear any religion disparaged or misrepresented, not just our own, speak up for the rights of members of that religion to believe and practice in freedom.


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