Skadi Blot

Hammer Right

Gothi takes the hammer and goes to one side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to hallow this place as we prepare to celebrate the blessings of Bragi.”

Gythija takes the hammer and goes to the opposite side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to protect those who have joined us to celebrate our kinship with Bragi.”

Reading — Skadi’s Choice:

find participants to play each role



What man so fearless the fells to cross,

And boldly set foot on Bifrost way?



No man so fearless, a maiden instead

Has boldly set foot on Bifrost way.



Your eyes grow weak from watching long

Surely no maid of Embla’s line,

No Jotun or Vane would venture thus

Boldly to fare so far alone.



Maid in truth, but tall of frame,

Lath-slender, long of stride.

She comes apace across the fields,

And neither looks to left or right.


Like raven’s wing her wavy hair,

Skin as fair as frost at dawn,

Eyes bold, blue as sky,

A sheen that glows in glacial ice.


Weapons she bears, and bow of yew,

But hunting I doubt has drawn her here.


Wergild, not game, I’d guess she seeks.

Far she comes some claim to press.



Some evil deed has drawn her here,

A brother killed, or cunning theft.

Wicked your ways, your wiles well-known–

Loki should bear the blame alone.



A lot you say, but little know;

For Thiassi’s bane, that blaze you lit,

All the gods some guilt must bear.

Loki of all is least to blame.

My wiles I used your wills to serve,

When wide I flew in falcon cloak,

Freya’s gift, grudgingly given,

To steal Idun from Stormhome back.


By cunning I found, and carried her off;

Thiasse came after in eagle form.

Hard the race we ran that day;

Many the dangers for the maid I bore.



Proudly you speak, praise you demand,

Undoing the deeds you did at first,

But wiles will not unweave your fate;

This maid your bane will be one day.


Gothi Says:

“Skadi, avenger of Thjazi,

God-Bride of Njord,

Mountain Dweller,

Snowshoe Goddess

We honor you as the weather grows colder

And ice clings to the ground.

Hail Skadi!”


All Say:

“Hail Skadi!”


Gythia Says:

“Skadi, armored maiden,

Bow huntress,

Ski Lady,

Friend and punisher to Loki,

We honor the fierce heart beneath your icy demeanor

And your determination to be yourself.

Hail Skadi”


All Say:

“Hail Skadi!”



The Gothi/Gythia pass the horn and each person makes a toast before passing it on.



Gothi Says:

“From us to the earth to the gods.”


Gothi pours some mead onto the ground.


Gythia Says:

“From the gods to the earth to us.”


Gythija pours the remaining mead onto the ground.

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