Lofn Blot

Hammer Rite
Gothi takes the hammer and goes to one side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to hallow this place as we prepare to celebrate the blessings of Lofn.”

Gythija takes the hammer and goes to the opposite side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to protect those who have joined us to celebrate our kinship with Lofn.”
Gothi Says:

“Lofn, friend to love and lovers,
Remover of obstacles and difficulties.
We ask that your eyes keep watch for
and your hand always help those whose love is true.
Hail Lofn!”

All Say:

“Hail Lofn!”

Gythija Says:

“Daughter of Freya,
Handmaiden to Frigg,
Kind-hearted and fair,
May you be there as friend and guide
when love seems impossible”

All Say:

“Hail Lofn!”


The Gothi/Gythia pass the horn and each person makes a toast before passing it on.


Gothi Says:

“For your compassion and warmth, we honor you.”
Gothi pours some of the Ale from the horn into the earth.

Gythija Says:

“For your faith in love and fairness, we honor you.”
Gythija pours the remaining Ale on to the earth.
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