Mani Blot

Hammer Right

Gothi takes the hammer to one side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to hallow this space tonight as we honor Máni, the year-counter.”

Gythija takes the hammer to the opposite side of the ritual space and says:

“In the light of the full moon, we ask the gods to protect those who have joined with us to celebrate the voyages of Máni.”


“Máni, whirling wheel,

The hastener and fiery one,

The task you have been given is not easy,

May you continue your course and count our years.”


“Gleamer and gloam,

By many names you are called,

But you are known to all

Who share the night sky.”

All: “Hail Mani!”


“Your task was punishment,

Uncomplaining you took the reins,

May it ever be so for all those

Whose tasks seem unwanted.”


“Mani, the man in the moon,

May your light continue to rival your sister’s.

Year-counter, lune, waxer, and waner

May our journeys be as smooth as yours.”

All: “Hail Mani!”


The Gothi/Gythia pass the horn and each person makes a toast before passing it on.


Gothi Says:

“From us to the earth to the gods.”

Gothi pours some of the mead from the horn into the earth.


Gythia Says:

“From the gods to the earth to us.”

Gythija pours the remaining mead on to the earth.

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