Hoenir Blot

The Blot


Hammer Rite

Gothi takes the hammer and goes to one side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to hallow this place as we prepare to celebrate the blessings of the god of light.”

Gythija Takes the hammer and goes to the opposite side of the ritual space and says:

“We ask the gods to protect those who have joined us to celebrate The blessings of Villi”

The Lighting of the Candle

Gothi picks up one candle, and lights the center one, while saying:

“Hoenir, we honor you today, and this light represents the creation of the universe, brought to us by you and your brother’s.

Gythija picks up the candle, and lights the incense, while saying:

“Hoenir, we gather with you today, as you were there before the beginning, you shall be there after the end.”

Gothi then says:

“Hoenir, we honor you with silence, in remembrance of your blessings.”

All remain quiet contemplating the beginning of times, or the end of times (or both).


Reading (by Gothi, Gythija, or someone who wants to read)


Not long after this, the Asir quarrelled with the Vanir, wild enemies of theirs, and there was a terrible battle. But in the end the two sides made peace; and to prove that they meant never to quarrel again, they exchanged hostages. The Vanir gave to the Asir old Nird the rich, the lord of the sea and the ocean wind, with his two children, Frey and Freia. This was indeed a gracious gift; for Freia was the most beautiful maid in the world, and her twin brother was almost as fair. To the Vanir in return Father Odin gave his own brother Hoenir. And with Hoenir he sent Mimer the wise, whom he took from his lonely well.

Now the Vanir made Hoenir their chief, thinking that he must be very wise because he was the brother of great Odin, who had lately become famous for his wisdom. They did not know the secret of Mimer’s well, how the hoary old giant was far more wise than anyone who had not quaffed of the magic water. It is true that in the assemblies of the Vanir Hoenir gave excellent counsel. But this was because Mimer whispered in Hoenir’s ear all the wisdom that he uttered. Witless Hoenir was quite helpless without his aid, and did not know what to do or say. Whenever Mimer was absent he would look nervous and frightened, and if folk questioned him he always answered:

“Yes, ah yes! Now go and consult someone else.” 

Of course the Vanir soon grew very angry at such silly answers from their chief, and presently they began to suspect the truth. “Odin has deceived us,” they said. “He has sent us his foolish brother with a witch to tell him what to say. Ha! We will show him that we understand the trick.” So they cut off poor old Mimer’s head and sent it to Odin as a present. 

The tales do not say what Odin thought of the gift. Perhaps he was glad that now there was no one in the whole world who could be called so wise as himself. Perhaps he was sorry for the danger into which he had thrust a poor old giant who had never done him any wrong, except to be a giant of the race which the Asir hated. Perhaps he was a little ashamed of the trick which he had played the Vanir. Odin’s new wisdom showed him how to prepare Mimer’s head with herbs and charms, so that it stood up by itself quite naturally and seemed not dead. Thenceforth Odin kept it near him, and learned from it many useful secrets which it had not forgotten.


Gothi/Gythia pass around horn, each person making their toast.


Gothi says:

“O Hoenir, he who was here at the beginning, and will be here at the end.  He who was given to the Vanir to end the great war.   We thank you for your presence today.”

Gothi pours some of the mead from the horn into the earth.

Gythija says:

“Villi,  one of the brothers, who represents light over all things,  giver of reason, we thank you for joining us.”

Gythija pours some of the mead from the horn into the earth

Gothi Says:

“From us to the earth to the gods.”

Gythia Says:

“From the gods to the earth to us.”

Pour the remaining mead into the earth.

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