More on the ends justifying the means and Heathenism

On Monday I was driving home, listening as I do to talk radio, and there was a conservative talk show host talking about the latest Supreme Court nominee, Kagan.

To no one’s surprise, the commentator was vehemently opposed to this person serving on the Supreme Court.  However, what did interest me is he talked about using “any and all means” to stop confirmation.  He then said, “Yes, I know, when conservative nominees were up, I complained at length about how liberals used any tactics possible, whether they be right or wrong to block the nomination, and you’re probably saying that I’m a hypocrite.”

And he then went on to talk about how this nominee was so offensive that it justified using these means.

Hence why I’ve become disillusioned with both parties.   Both sides of the aisle have concluded that their goals are so important, that any means whatsoever justifies their actions.

What happened to the concept of governing by principles?  If something is wrong, its just wrong, no matter what the intent is. We should not, as people of conscience, hide behind the idea that if we don’t take on certain actions, fire will fall from the sky, cats and dogs will live together, and the seventh seal will be broken.

In fact, one could argue that “good intentions” are what causes us to go down the path that leads us to problems anyway.  It is far better to stand on our core values, and let them guide us to a conclusion, rather than allowing the conclusion to determine our core principles.

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