Bind Rune Examples

Bind Rune Examples

The creation of bind runes are are northern european magical tradition that use the creation of a foci for purposes of exercising ones will with respect to the universe.  The following are bind runes that I’ve developed/created, with an explanation of the runes that contain them.


For purposes of creating these bind runes, you can either print them out, and use them as appropriate, or alternatively you can draw the runes, one at a time, until you create the glyph. 

Bind runes for self improvement

Healing of the back

A friend of mine mentioned that they were having back problems (due to an injury), so I decided to create a bind rune for the healing of the back.  After consideration, I used the following runes:


Eihwaz stands for the Tree Yggdrasil, and the strength of a tree.  When one thinks of the body, your spine is  the trunk of the tree.


Algiz is the elk, or the rune of protection, when you think of this rune, you should think of the prevention of harm.  Algiz is upside down in this stav, to protect the base of the tree, and its roots.  This is appropriate, as when we think of back strength, the lower back is often times where we have problems, and also lower back strength is critical to overall health of the back.


Laguz represents the lake, and water, which feeds the tree Yggdrasil from the Well Urdr.  Laguz represents healing and renewal.  Laguz actually appears twice, once “upright” and once upside down in the rune.


The result of this is:



After creation of this bind rune, we also see:


Wunjo.  This rune represents happiness.   Certainly a healthy strong back can make one happy.


Once you’ve created this bind rune, and placed it where appropriate (Perhaps at your desk, or somewhere near your bed) think on it when you see it.  When I examined this bind rune the glyph represented the strong lower back at the bottom, represented by the diamond, with ones head at the top.  Think about the healing power of the water coming onto your lower back, and building a strong trunk.


Finding a job

Finding a job can be a difficult task, and staying focused on it is very difficult.  This bind rune can provide you a focus, reminding you to stay focus on “the prize.”

It contains the following;


Fehu is the rune of wealth, and the acquistion of material goods.    It reminds us that the acquistion of cattle (money) is not the end but rather the start. 


Tiwaz is the rune of agreements and contracts.  Here you’re hoping to enter into an agreement with your employer, where you provide them with work, and they provide you with money 🙂


Sowilo is the rune of recognition.  While a job certainly has a Fehu component to it, it also has a component of recognition, that you, as a person, have value to whoever you are working for.  While certainly money is one of our primary objectives in a job, recognition is as well.


Berkano is the rune of birth.  It’s the rune of new directions, and things to come.  When we think of Berkano we think of something new, that needs cared for, like a baby, or our new job.


Nauthiz represents need, and the things we need.  In today’s society, we cannot survive without an income, and a job.  The money that a job brings to us allows us to put a roof over our heads, feed ourselves and our family, and function within society.  While we hope that our job will bring us more than our necessities, it does need to bring us enough money to satisfy our needs, whatever they are.


Controlling anger and energy, plus improvement in sleep

This rune is designed for people who are having issue with uncontrolled anger and energy to the point where it’s impacting their sleep cycles.  It contains the following runes:

Uruz  Uruz represents the Aurochs, the large ox of the north. It represents productive strength, however, control of this strength is critical, because if the control is lost, the energy transitions from a productive one, to a destructive one.

Isa represents the ice, and the stillness of the ice and cold.  When contemplating this section of the bind rune, one needs to be cognizant of the fact that there are times when “staying still and observing” are in fact, the proper actions.

 Wunjo — Wunjo represents joy.  When one is angry, it generally represents a lack of acceptance of joy, or a lack of acceptance of the joy that exists in your life.  This rune is here to remind you to accept the joy, and also to attract more joy into your life.

  Berkano — Berkano represents the rebirth, and a change in directions.  When one thinks of Berkano, one thinks of changing ones entire life, without destroying that which existed in the past.  Berkano is about “New Beginnings.”



Upon constructing this bind rune, there were several others that appeared:


Laguz — Laguz represents the lake, and the healing power of water.  When one is focusing on this rune, one should also focus on the healing that you are going through.


Sowilo — Sowilo represents recognition for our works.  This recognition is not monetary in nature, but in the terms of reputation, honor, etc.  Sowil represents the sun.


Kenaz – Kenaz represents the torch, and the torch of knowledge.  As one learns to control ones rage, one should learn from it.


This bind rune had an additional aspect to it, which untl it was completed I hadn’t contemplated.  , which is the rune where we consider uncontrolled strength (the primary issue to be dealt with) in fact surrounds the entire bind rune.  It forms a frame upon which all the other runes are formed.


Healing from an injury

A friend (and student) of mine recently had an accident and ended up in a hospital far from home.  The following is a bind rune that I gave them for purposes of general healing.  YOu’ll notice that it contains many of the runes in the previously shown back healing rune, with some others as well.  It contains


Algiz  — Algiz represents general protection.

Uruz — Uruz Represents strength, and the strength of healing.

Laguz — Laguz represents the lake, and the healing power of water.

Inguz — Inguz represents family, and the caring of family.


Bind Runes of Protection

While we speak of Bind Runes as being “aggressive” magic, they can also have an aspect of protection about them.  The purpose of a protective bind rune is to focus your will in such a way as to provide resistance to potential threats to you, or others, depending upon the nature of the rune.


Bind Rune for protection of family members

The Havamal, in its list of 18 “Rune charms” lists three that is for purposes of protection.  The third charm is for the fettering of foes, the sixth is a “reflection of curse” and the eleventh is  for protection of friends in battle.


The Third:

A third I know, | if great is my need
Of fetters to hold my foe;
Blunt do I make | mine enemy’s blade,
Nor bites his sword or staff.


The Sixth:

A sixth I know, | if harm one seeks
With a sapling’s roots to send me;
The hero himself | who wreaks his hate
Shall taste the ill ere I.


The Eleventh:

An eleventh I know, | if needs I must lead
To the fight my long-loved friends;
I sing in the shields, | and in strength they go
Whole to the field of fight,
Whole from the field of fight,
And whole they come thence home.


Leaves of Yggdrasil (and Northern Mysteries and Magic) by Freya Aswynn offers some excellent suggestions on the runes that would be contained in each of these.  However there isn’t one that is a broad based protection bind rune with a focus on family members in general.


I constructed this bind rune out of the following runes:


— Algiz represents the elk, and the protection of the antlers, and of the gods.  When one is attempting to protect oneself, and needs help, calling upon the assistance of Algiz and the gods is appropriate.


— Thurisaz represents thorns.  By including Thursiaz in this bind rune one is asking the god to place thorns in front of those who wish to cause you harm.


— Inguz represents family, and the caring of family, including their protection.


— Othala represents the physical stuff of the family, including the hearth.  By using this rune, we’re not only asking for protection of ourselves, but also the physical property that makes up our family.



An alternative approach to protection of Friends and family with respect to spiritual and emotional issues would be to use the following runes:


— Inguz  – this is a rune that represent our family, our hearth, and those truly important to us.

— Algiz – this represents protection of yourself, and of others. 

— Thurisaz — This rune is the rune of frustration and impediment.  In this case, we turn the power of Thurisaz, the “thorn” outward, to those outside our family, causing them to have problems if they attempt to interfere with our family.


The result is:

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  1. Mark McCain says:

    Hello! I received a piece of jewelry from my brother a couple years ago and have recently decided to see if it’s worth getting a tattoo. I wanted to check to ensure that it had proper meanings. I have no way of typing the symbols but hope to send a picture in the future! Please let me know if you can help!

  2. Shawn Daisey says:

    I would like for you to make a binding rune for me. I know there is a charge, so how much?

  3. J says:

    I wonder if you could help me to design a bind rune for self discipline and self love ( I would like attract romantic love as well but self love comes first.. so that I can allow others to love me and not seek out rejection). Everything to help me with focus discipline determination perseverance time management etc… But all focused inward on myself. So that I work on my projects and get results.

  4. Peter Kachenko says:

    I am interested in a bind rune that represents brotherhood (or a strong bond between two friends), warrior strength or spirit, and healing or overcoming and adversity. I am currently battling cancer and have a friend that has been with me theough the whole thing and help support me and my family. I understand this is a payed service and I am happy to compensate you for your work. Please contact me if your interested. Thanks

  5. Fredrik says:

    I am interested in your service of designing bind runes. How much do you charge and what is the process?

    • mohnkern says:

      My rates start at $20 depending upon the number of patterns and complexity of the bind rune you want.

  6. Mary A Jobe says:

    I am interested in a bind rine. I have been battling depression and heart problems have had a friend helping me through it. Now I find myself loving him. I think he feels a fondness for me but is afraid to commit. I cared for him during his cancer and wish him to commit or at least acknowledge we are good for each other. Please email me so I can issue payment. Thank you

  7. Rennon Wilson says:

    This symbol keeps coming in my dreams my girlfriend has been away at a family reunion and I haven’t been able to sleep but this is what I keep seeing attach it to an email I draw everytime cause it changes slightly

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