Thor Blot

      Thor Blot

About Thor

Thor (Old Norse: Þórr) is the red-haired and bearded god of thunder.

While Odin was often seen as the “God of Kings,” Thor is the god, and the protector of “common man.”

Thor is perhaps the best “documented” of the Norse gods, with there being many tales of his adventures. He was clearly a revered god of norse.

In addition to protecting the people, Thor is known to bring about thunder, lightning, and rain to benefit the crops.

Hammer Rite

See Hammer Rite

Invocation to Thor

Said by Gothi/Gythia

Great Thunderer, who rides in a chariot drawn by goats,

You who guard the bounds of Middle-Earth, who drives the frost giants back to their dark realm,

Keeper of oaths, you are there when the man and the maid plight their troth, you are there when the thain swears fealty to the lord,

You whose great hammer destroys the foes of mankind and of all life,

You touch the earth with swift lightning, and the soil grows fertile, the seed sprouts when the harvest is sown,

You whose mighty voice is heard across the sky, protector, defender, whose rune is most mighty to preserve,

Hail Thor!

Taken from Oakhedge


Gothi/Gythia pass around horn, each person making their toast.


Said by Gothi/Gythia

We give great honor to Thunor!

Bane of World Serpent,

the one who struggles

against the bonds of eternity.

You are the one who never abandons,

any who call upon your name

in time of trouble or crisis.

Your strength and hammer might

keeps at bay

the primal chaotic energies known as Etins,

those who envy the goddesses’ and the gods’ immortality.

Those beings and creatures who would plunge Midgard

into darkness and ice.

You are our defender

against those who have overstepped their boundaries.

Those who give you honor are never abandoned;

to call upon your name just once is to dwell in Truthheim,

even in this life.

Thus we honor Thunor!

Hail Thor!

by Jim Davis of Missouri

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  1. Sylvi Benevich says:

    This is beautiful and powerful! I wish I could find a local kindred who was inclusive minded to share in blots.

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