Sunna Blot

Sunna Blot

About Sunna

Sunna is the goddess of the Sun in norse mythology. Sól appears in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.

In both Eddas she is described as the sister of Máni, (the god of the moon) and daughter of Mundilfari. In the Prose Edda, she is described as the daughter of Mundilfari and Glaur as well as the wife of Glen. Sól gives her name to the Younger Futhark s rune.

Sól also was called Sunne, and Frau Sunne, from which the words sun and Sunday are derived. The sun also was called Alfrodull, meaning “glory of elves”.

Sunna drives the chariot of the Sun across the sky every day. Pulled by the horses Allsvinn (“Very Fast”) and Arvak (“Early Rising”), the Sun-chariot is pursued by the wolf Skoll. It is said that sometimes he comes so close that he is able to take a bite out of the Sun, causing an eclipse.  As Sunna, She is a healer.

It’s worthy of note that unlike many other traditions, in the norse tradition, the moon is male, and the sun is Female.

Hammer Rite

Gothi Says:


Hammer of Thor, Hallow and Hold This Holy Stead”.

Gythia Says:

Celebrate with us today as we celebrate the blessing of Sunna

Invocation to Sunna

Said by Gothi/Gythia

To Lady Sunna! Waker and quickener of life here on Midgard.

Shine down upon me/us each day so that I/we may know the joy of the days light!

Shine on bright lady Sunna!

It is you who helps give strength and nouriousment to the green growing things of this Midgard.

Without this we beings here would not have the food and subsistence I/we need to continue to survive!

Please don’t forsack your dutys ever, oh great shinning Sunna! Please accept my/our toast to you on your day!

To bright Sunna!
Taken from the Simplified Sunday Ritual


Gothi/Gythia pass around horn, each person making their toast.


Said by Gothi/Gythia

Hail To Sunna, She of the day!
Sunna, Sunna, Sunna!
May you grow in strength each year.
Never tiring, never faltering,
mindful of the wolves at thy heels.

Said by All

Hail Sunna!

Hail Sunna!

Hail Sunna!

Taken from Beliefnet

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