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In Norse mythology, the dísir (“ladies”) are fate goddesses or minor deities who can be both benevolent and antagonistic towards mortal people, and they include the norns. They could also be the protective spirits of Norse clans, and especially in connection with war expeditions, a function for which they were named fylgjas. Moreoever, in later sources, the dísir also appear as Odin’s shieldmaidens, called valkyries, and they determine the outcome of battle.

Their original function was possibly that of fertility goddesses who were the object of both private and official worship called dísablót, and their veneration probably derives from the worship of the spirits of the dead.[1] A particular trait of the dísir is the fact that they appear as collective beings.

The Blot

Hammer Rite

See Hammer Rite


Said by the Gothi:

Who are the Norns
who are helpful in need,
And the babe from the mother bring?”

Said by the Gythia:
Of many births
the Norns must be,
Nor one in race they were;
Some to gods, others
to elves are kin,
And Dvalin’s daughters some.

Said by Both

Thence come the maidens
mighty in wisdom,
Three from the dwelling
down ‘neath the tree;
Urth is one named,
Verthandi the next,–
On the wood they scored,–
and Skuld the third.
Laws they made there,
and life allotted
To the sons of men,
and set their fates.


We call upon you, the norns, to celebrate with us during this time.


Said by the Gothi:

Then gleamed a ray
from Logafiöll,
and from that ray
lightnings issued;
then appeared,
in the field of air,
a helmed band
of Valkyriur:
their corslets were
with blood besprinkled,
and from their spears
shone beams of light.


Said by Gothi:

I want Hrist and Mist
to bring me a horn,
Skeggjöld and Skögul,
Hildr and Þrúðr,
Hlökk and Herfjötur,
Göll and Geirahöð,
Randgríð and Ráðgríð
and Reginleif.
They carry ale to the einherjar.


Said by Gythija:

She saw valkyries
come from far and wide,
ready to ride
to Goðþjóð.
Skuld held a shield,
and Skögul was another,
Gunnr, Hildr, Göndul
and Geirskögul.


We call upon you, the Valkyries, to celebrate with us during this time.


Gothi/Gythia pass around horn, each person making their toast.



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