Diviners festival – Exploring our Paths

I’m proud to announce the first year of the conference “Exploring our Paths – A conference for diviners” at the Clarion Inn Event Center in Frederick, MD on November 14-15, 2020. Registration, workshop submissions, and merchant space registration are now available.

This is a ecumenical conference focused on providing a forum for diviners of all skill ranges, and all sorts to talk about the practice of divination.

Information is available at http://www.exploringourpaths.com

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Final Class list for Free Spirit Gathering

I’ve finalized my class list for Free Spirit Gathering (www.freespiritgathering.org) this year;

Young Adult Classes

  • Introduction to Rune Reading
  • Introduction to Bind runes
  • Vulgarity

Regular Classes

  • Advanced Divination: Knowing your Client
  • Spinning a Good Tale – Effective Communication of Mythology


  • Morning Blots
  • Opening Sumbel
  • Closing Sumbel
  • Oracular Seidr
  • Morning Blots are typically 9am at the upper fire circle
  • Opening sumbel is normally tuesday night around 9:30 pm at the Basketball court
  • Closing Sumbel is typically Saturday night at the basketball court
  • Oracular Seidr is scheduled for Saturday afternoon
  • Workshops have not been given times yet

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Blóts at Free Spirit Gathering

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