Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic at Sacred Space

I will be teaching “Scribe, Philosopher Mystic, approaches to religion at Sacred Space in 2016.

Here is my acceptance letter

Sacred Space Foundation

 August 16, 2015
Dear Scott,
The Board of the Sacred Space Conference is pleased to accept you as a presenter for the 26th year of the conference. Your program, “Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic: Approaches to Spirituality,” was selected for inclusion through a highly competitive peer review process. This year our acceptance rate was 51%, and the pool of applications from which your submission was chosen was filled with high caliber submissions. This speaks to the quality of the communities we serve and the strength of your entry. If your situation has changed and you are unable to present, please reply and let us know as soon as possible.
The criteria upon which submissions were judged were:



Relevance and interest

Appropriateness for an audience of intermediate to advanced esoteric and magickal practitioners

Balance within the program
We look forward to offering you a venue to share your wisdom.  
We will be back in touch soon with the specific date and time of your program.  

Finally, the Sacred Space Conference is the only annual esoteric conference in the region that is dedicated to meeting the continuing educational needs of our intermediate and advanced practitioners. Every year we offer exceptional programming, and this year the program will be amazing. Given its unique focus, it is imperative that we continue to cover our expenses so that the conference can continue. We rely on our presenters to help ensure that our magickal colleagues in our many communities are aware of the conference. Please help us in this effort. If you would like some flyers, please email and we will send you some.  
Thank you again for your willingness to contribute to the Sacred Space Conference 2016. We look forward to seeing you this coming March.
With Blessings,

The Board of the Sacred Space Foundation

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