FSG Tentative classes out

The tentative list of classes for FSG is now out.   Here are the “Asatru Heathen” related classes and rituals:

By Scott Mohnkern

  • Introduction to Heathenism
  • Making Your Own Rune Set
  • Opening Sumbel
  • Closing Sumbel
  • Morning Blots

By Miki Tracey

  • The Norse Gods
  • Skald’s Night Out
  • Stav: Animal Exercises Hand to Hand training
  • Stav: Using the Staff as a guide to the Web
  • Valkyrie, Vettir, and Norns, Oh My!

By Eric S

  • Heimdall Blót
  • Heimdall the Watchman

By Kitty Bronson

  • Folklore of Orkney and the Outer Hebrides
  • Introduction to the Runes, Part 1
  • Introduction to the Runes, Part 2
  • Introduction to the Runes, Part 3
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