Loki Taunts Bragi



Bragi is the Norse God of poetry and music. He is the son of Odin and Frigg and known for his wisdom. Runes are carved on his tongue and he is said to inspire poetry in humans by letting them drink from the mead of poetry. Bragi’s wife is Idunna, the goddess of Eternal Youth.
Oaths are commonly sworn over the Cup of Bragi (Bragarfull) and this cup is also taken from in the honor of dead kings. Also, those about to become “a king” drink from the Cup of Bragi.
There’s some question as to with Bragi was in fact one of the “original norse gods.” There’s some documentation that the god Bragi is actually the poet Bragi Boddason, who is said to have been “elevated” to the status of God after his death in the ninth century. Snorri Stuluson, in his Edda, attributes many stanzas to Bragi Boddason. Bragi is documented as the oldest Skald in Norse literature, and was a composer for the Swedish King Bjorn at Haugi.
As one explores the Norse literature, there are several cases where there is evidence that those beings that we know as “gods” may have in fact been humans, whose impact on history was so great, that upon their passing, they became gods.


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