Asatru labeled as an “Extremist Group” by DHS

Asatru has been labeled as an “Extremist Group” by Department of Homeland Security

This morning a fellow heathen pointed me to a Washington Times Article that mentioned that Department of Homeland Security has a “lexicon” of potential extremist groups.


Congratulations my fellow Asatruar, we’re in it:


(U) racial Nordic mysticism  (U//FOUO) An ideology adopted by many white supremacist prison gangs who embrace a Norse mythological  religion, such as Odinism or Asatru. (also: Odinism, Asatru)


Now it is true, that if you dissect this statement, not all Asatruar are labeled as racists.  However it’s still extremely troubling that this official government document could be interpreted “against me” and result in me (or you, or any heathen) as a potential racial extremist.     There’s an email address at the end of the document for comments, but I asked myself “so if I email this address in protest, will they label me an extremist by default?

Perhaps its worth commenting to my congressman, or the president about.   Though I’m hot sure that would be terribly effective either.

It seemed to me that “we” had come a long way in not being tied to those racist organizations that most of us agree don’t hold the same beliefs as we.  Unfortunately, our government hasn’t seen that progress.


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