Icelandic Rune Poem

Icelandic Rune Poem

From Runic and Heroic Poems by Bruce Dickins

Fé – Wealth Source of discord among kinsmen

and fire of the sea

and path of the serpent.

Úr – Shower

Lamentation of the clouds

and ruin of the hay-harvest

and abomination of the shepherd.

Thurs – Giant

Torture of women

and cliff-dweller

and husband of a giantess.

Óss – God

Aged Gautr

and prince of Ásgardr

and lord of Vallhalla.

Reid – Riding

Joy of the horsemen

and speedy journey

and toil of the steed.

Kaun – Ulcer

Disease fatal to children

and painful spot

and abode of mortification.

Hagall – Hail

Cold grain

and shower of sleet

and sickness of serpents.

Naud – Constraint

Grief of the bond-maid

and state of oppression

and toilsome work.

Iss – Ice

Bark of rivers

and roof of the wave

and destruction of the doomed.

Ár – Plenty

Boon to men

and good summer

and thriving crops.

Sól – Sun

Shield of the clouds

and shining ray

and destroyer of ice.


God with one hand

and leavings of the wolf

and prince of temples.

Bjarken – Birch

Leafy twig

and little tree

and fresh young shrub.

Madr – Man

Delight of man

and augmentation of the earth

and adorner of ships.

Lögr – Water

Eddying stream

and broad geysir

and land of the fish.

Yr – Yew

Bent bow

and brittle iron

and giant of the arrow.

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