Anglo Saxon Rune Poem

Wealth is a comfort to every man,
Although each should share it freely,
To gain the approval of the Lord.

Aurochs is a courageous beast, having huge horns,
A savage beast, it fights with its horns,
A noble stalker of the moors, it is a fierce beast!

Thorn is extremely sharp,
Painful to any thane that grasps it,
Immeasurably fierce to any man,
That rests among them.

Mouth is the source of every statement,
Wisdom’s support and a comfort to the wise,
And the joy and delight of the nobleman.

Riding is to the warrior in the hall easy,
But very strenuous for one who sits on top,
Of a powerful horse over the long miles.

Torch is to the living, known by its fire,
Shining and bright, most often it burns inside,
Where princes sit at ease.

Generosity is a mark of distinction and praise for men,
A prop to their honor and for the wretched ,
A benefit and a means of survival, when there is no other.

He has Joy, who knows little of the woes of pain or sorrow,
And has for himself, prosperity and happiness,
And also the contentment of a fortified town.

Hail is the whitest of grains,
whirling from heaven’s height,
Gusts of wind toss it about,
and then it becomes water.

Need oppresses the heart,
Yet often it becomes for the sons of men,
A source of help and salvation,
If they heed it in time.

Ice is very cold, and immeasurably slippery,
It glitters, clear as glass, very like jewels,
A floor, wrought by frost, fair to behold.

Harvest is a joy to men, when God, heaven’s holy king,
Causes the earth to produce bright fruits,
For both the rich and the poor.

Yew is a tree, rough on the outside, Hard and firm in the earth, guardian of fires,
Supported by roots, a joy on the estate.

Lot-cup is recreation and laughter to the high spirited …
For the warriors gathered happily together in the mead hall.

Elk-sedge is usually found in the fens,
Growing on the water, Grimly wounding,
Staining with blood, any man who grasps it.

Sun is always hope for seamen,
When they row the sea-stead over the fishes bath,
Until it brings them to land.

Tir is one of the guiding signs,
It keeps faith well with noblemen,
Ever it holds on course, through cloudy night
And never fails.

Birch is void of fruit,
Nevertheless it bears shoots without seed,
It is beautiful by its branches,
High of crown, fairly adorned,
Tall and leafy, touching the heights.

ehwazHorse is a joy for princes among the noble,
A steed proud in its hooves, when warriors
Prosperous on horseback exchange speech concerning it,
And it is always a comfort to the restless.

Man rejoicing in life is beloved by his kinsmen
Yet everyone shall betray another,
Because the Lord wills it by his judgement,
To commit that wretched flesh to the earth.

Water seems to be unending to men,
If they are obliged to venture out on a tossing ship,
And the sea waves terrify them exceedingly,
And the sea-steed does not heed the bridle.

Ing was first among the East Danes,
Beheld by men, until afterwards to the east,
He went over the waves, (his) chariot ran after,
Then the warriors named the hero thusly.

The ancestral estate is very dear to every man,
If he may there in his house enjoy most often in prosperity,
That which is right and fitting.

Day is sent by the Lord, beloved of man,
Glorious light of the Creator, joy and hope,
To those who have and have not, of benefit to all.

(Ac) Oak is the nourishment of meat on the earth ,
For the children of men; often it travels,
Over the gannet’s bath, the spear-sea tests,
Whether the oak keeps faith nobly.

(Aesc) The ash is very tall, dear to mankind,
Strong in its position, it holds its ground rightly,
Though many men attack it.

(Yr) Yew is a joy and honor to all princes and nobles,
And is fair on a mount, reliable on a journey,
A type of army gear.

(Iar) Eel is a river fish, and yet it takes its food on land,
It has a beautiful dwelling place, surrounded by water,
There it lives in delight.

(Ear) Earth is loathsome to every nobleman.
When irresistibly the flesh,
The dead body, begins to grow cold,
The livid one chooses the earth for a bedmate,
Fruits fail, joys vanish, covenants are broken.

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