About the Elves, Wights, and Land Vaettir

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Hammer Rite

See Hammer Rite


Gothi chants: “Odin Vili Ve… Odin Vili Ve…. Odin Vili Ve….”

All Join in, until it seems appropriate to stop.


Gythija Says: Today we remember our bonds with our elder kin, the Álfar. Be they the bright Ljósálfar above, the Døkkálfar below, or the Svartálfar of the deep below. They bring us strength, wisdom, and some of our ancestrial bindings.”


Gothi Says:  Today we remember the spirits of the land, who protect the land from those who would cause it harm.  They care for the land when we cannot, and give us the blessings of the land in our lives.


Gothi/Gythia pass around horn, each person making their toast.


Gothi says: The Alfar remind us of the beauty and art around us.  They tell us that to work alone is never enough, that one must experience the beauty of the world around us.  Today we honor you with this offering.


Gythija says: The Landvaetter remind us the land is sacred, and something to be protected.  They inhabit Midgard with us, and protect it as we should.  Today we honor you with this offering.


Pour the remaining mead/ale from the horn into the earth, or onto a tree while saying.

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